How to Choose an Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooter as a Gift?

With the recent release of A3, Airwheel has launched four collections of intelligent scooters, A-series, S-series, Q-series and X-series. Each of them is designed for a specific group of people. For those who desire to buy gifts for friends or parents, there must be one Airwheel product that could meet the requirement.

Airwheel A-series is the best gift for females and the aged. Intelligent scooter A3 is innovatively equipped with a saddle which makes riding more comfortable. For girls and the aged people, long-time riding might result in fatigue. But Airwheel A3 will fully settle the matter. The quality Chen Shin tire guarantees smooth riding in any road condition. The saddle mounted is 740 mm away from the ground and women can touches the ground with one foot easily to achieve stability and safety. The electronic braking system and speed control system also ensure the safety performance of the device. Buying an A3 as a gift for wife and parents might bring harmony to the family.

Airwheel S-series could be chosen as a high-end gift for the young elites. For short-distance commuting, riding electromobiles might degrade their high social status and riding bikes is too exhausting. Now Airwheel S-series with stylish design should be the optimal choice for such a group of people. S3 and S3T demonstrate the vitality of young people. The newly released S5 draws the wild style of Lamborghini while inherits the simple and fashionable design of all Airwheel products. Riding such a trendy, high-end and elegant SUV scooter, the noble status of the rider will be highlighted.

Airwheel Q-series and X-series can be treated as gifts for daily commuters and sports enthusiasts. X-series contains some one-wheeled self-balancing scooters. Being light-weighted and portable, it is quite an efficient vehicle for commuting for and off work. Moreover, electric unicycles can help exercise the balancing ability of riders. Thus the X-series can serve as a fitness tool for sports enthusiasts and even X-sports fans. They can challenge some impossible missions with an electric unicycle. For starters without such confidence in operating an Airwheel X-series unicycle, choosing a twin-wheeled Q-series Scooter which is more stable and easier to handle might be a better idea. 

For a healthy lifestyle, Airwheel intelligent scooters will be the most fashionable gifts.

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