Goodvibras Launches New Music Album to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

A New Treatment for Anxiety, Panic, and Phobia Based On Music Released.

Anxiety, Phobia and Panic Attacks are common mental disorders that a majority of people have to deal with and overcome daily. People who suffer from these conditions recognize that occasionally these issues can take over their lives which urge them to take action to find out a way how to stop anxiety. In that sense, Goodvibras, the group behind, has launched he album: “Natural Anxiety Remedies”. The aim of the album is to help people sufferers to relieve anxiety, panic, phobias, and similar syndromes by just listening to the specially designed music. The album is available in all popular online stores and online radios.

Mark Horns, CEO of Goodvibras, asked “What can be more natural than music?” referring to the non-invasive healing nature of the therapies that use sounds and music. Music is known as the food for soul, recent scientific studies have proven the healing effect of Music to the brain. Understanding the therapeutic and relaxing powers of music Horns has mixed music with binaural beats in albums and shared the product of his labor with the public to make sound based treatments more entertaining to the listeners while they benefit from the remedial effects of the sounds.

Goodvibras spokesperson said: “The tracks included in the album contain special music that manipulates your brainwaves leading them to a relaxed mental state. The technologies used behind are brainwave entrainment and binaural beats that use sound and music for healing purposes. The anxiety therapies go in progression from soft relaxation in the first ones to deep relaxation in the last ones. Therefore, you can personalize your own anxiety treatment.”

The problem of anxiety is defined as a feeling of unease, including worry or fear which can be mild or severe. Estimates claim that as high as 25% of the population suffers from an anxiety disorders including phobias and panic attacks. The newly launched music album is a natural and safe answer to the question of how to get rid of anxiety.

The album Natural Anxiety Remedies from Goodvibras is currently available online at stores including iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon and online radios such as the Apple Music, Spotify, Rdio, and Deezer.

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