Would You Like A Lightweight Power Bank Or A Heavy One?

Will the heavy Power Banks hold more Power? EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 10000mAh Power Bank wins in both light weight and high capacity.

There may be a conventional thought about the weight of Power Bank, as the Power Bank weighs heavier, it keeps more Power. So is this a truth or a bias? Or just tell the truth, would you like a lightweight Power Bank or a heavy one?

It seems that manufacturers try to get more orders, chasing after those illogical and preposterous tendencies for no reason. Or, actually, it’s not for no reason, those keen responses performed by those sensitive manufacturers are more like strong guarantees for charging the whole market in the palm of their hands. Recent years, smartphones have become smarter and thinner. Following the prevalent aesthetic of lightweight and slim, users are tending to be satisfied with those flat electronic accessories.

There are a plethora of Power Banks to choose from endless and vast internet and it can get darn right confusing when trying to choose the appropriate form that can fit your needs. For instance, those Power Banks whose power capacity above 10000mAh more or less looks like a hulk. Sometimes, this situation is inevitable. Simple reason, the bigger size battery cells are, the more power they keep. However, this rule is irreversible. Not all heavy hulks are super powerful, but small size Power Bank really carries low capacity.

How to choose?

EasyAcc has recently released an ultra slim 10000mAh Power Bank. Only 7.97 ounce, it is design with the size of 5.7*2.95*0.58 inches, which is smaller than iPhone 6 Plus. Lightweight and powerful enough, it’s available on Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XTXY0JW).

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