Internationally Acclaimed Photographer and Filmmaker Fabrizio Prada Produces New Book about Feminine Art Concepts

Fabrizio Prada has been an internationally recognized filmmaker and artist since his days at the highly esteemed Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Banos.  His films have broken records in his native Mexico and abroad, bringing him enormous acclaim and generating hordes of new fans. Among his many accomplishments is his film “Real Time” (Tiempo Real is available in which earned him a Guinness World Record for longest uncut film sequence (it is the First entire movie shot in one take in Film History)

His latest project is (Feminine Minds & Sensitivity a book collection of 16 of the most important feminist artists of our time (he took photos of different actresses and usual women showing their dreams, passions and even turns offs, they’re not feminist artists, the photos are his, based on their ideas).  This collection of photos and artistic works depicts some of the most intriguing and evocative images that these pioneering artists have produced to date. Many of these photos have been showcased in exhibits throughout Mexico, Bulgaria, Romania, and Czech Republic.

This high concept art publication will include photos that have been edited and laid out by a world class designer (the designer will make the book design, using Fabricio’s photos).  Upon completion, Feminine Minds & Sensitivity  will be sold through major merchants like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but a copy will be sent to each of the 16 feminist co-authors who contributed to this book and provided so much inspiration to Fabrizio Prada.

The entire project is budgeted at $8,500, but Fabrizio Prada is allowing art lovers to join him in producing this important work of art.  He has initiated a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where supporters can make a financial contribution.  Supporters will receive valuable perks as a memento of their participation in this historic project including postcards, photo prints, books and even a photo session with Fabrizio Prada.  To learn more about Feminine Minds & Sensitivity or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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