Prayers in Israel Offers ‘40 Days of Prayers for You at the Western Wall’ Service

Prayers in Israel is a company that provides a very special service that enables  families and people to get their prayers answered for  whatever they may need when they pray to God, through a powerful 40 day prayer technique at the Western Wall which is also known as the Wailing Wall located in Israel. Prayers in Israel have assisted people from all walks of life to get their prayers answered, including a prayer for money  solely through the power of praying; their service has been specially tailored to serve all those who are unable to visit the Wailing Wall personally.

“People from all walks of life and backgrounds have found  inspiration and encouragement by standing next to the Wailing Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, which is adjacent to the Temple Mount. For years, individuals have poured their hearts out at this exact spot. Saying a prayer for surgery or a prayer for money that they need or any other prayer. It happens to be the most famous location in the world that offers hope of having any prayer answered. It is worldly known that the most powerful prayers come from the Wailing Wall.”

The company has a few packages to match the needs of people who seek their help. The packages range include:

  • Regular prayer request.
  • Personal prayer request.
  • Personal exclusive prayer request.

Irrespective of the type of prayer is requested, the powerful prayers are done by special pious people using the powerful prayer technique for 40 days straight which involves 3 parts: praise, request and thanks. The Prayers in Israel website outlines the history of the famous ancient  significant wall, also according to the Bible, the 40 days’ time period’  is the number of days that Moses prayed on Mount Sinai before he was able to gain forgiveness for the Jewish people after the sin of the Golden Calf. The significance of the Wailing Wall can be understood by the number of famous people, including religious leads, celebrities and notable politicians from different countries and religions who have visited and prayed at the wall.

Prayers in Israel spokesperson said: “Western Wall Praying Services makes this ancient tradition accessible to many people of all nations worldwide. Although prayer is usually a private and personal act. It is also an expression of deep personal pain and need. By sharing the hardest moments with another person, it can provide a unique insight, comfort, strength and most of all a salvation to the person in need.”


Prayers in Israel is a 40 Day Prayer service for you at The Western Wall in Israel.

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