Singer/Songwriter Todd Stephens Producing Third Grade Music Video

Todd has a deep and established voice that really gets your attention. He has a voice of the older blues singers.

AMARILLO, Texas – August 03, 2015 – Musician, Todd Stephens, announced today his intent to produce the music video for his newly released single, “Third Grade”.  After being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2009, Stephens says he decided to live life for him and his 4 sons more purposefully and intentionally. With this driving him, he decided to push forward with the production of the video. “Third Grade” will be funded primarily by crowd funding via The project can be found at: 

“Third Grade” can be listened to in full at

“The song is really about coming of age and learning what lessons are important in life,” said Todd Stephens.  “It’s about placing value on the small things, the right things.”  The single takes you on a journey through the formative school years and into adulthood. It highlights some of the struggles many of us have faced.

Through crowd funding, Stephens and his production team, Kuker Films, have established many rewards for those who are supporting their project.  It was important to Stephens that everyone who supports the project, no matter how small, receives something for their generosity.  Rewards include items ranging from a digital copy of the song all the way up to an onset experience with a walk-on roll in the video.  

Reviews of “Third Grade” found on include, “Todd has a deep and established voice that really gets your attention. He has a voice of the older blues singers. It is a ballad that expresses a lot of emotion as he pours his heart and past out to his listeners.” Another reviewer pens, “I love this song. The lyrics, guitar, and vocalist are excellent. I don’t know what to say. I really like this song. Very folksy, mellow country. The guitar player is extremely good.”  Another says, “This song has great potential to make it on the country hits radio. His deep voice is heartwarming. It makes people think back to the past. The meaning of this song is deep.”

“I absolutely want to take this song and video to the public. There is no doubt that I want to touch others with this song.” Stephens says, “But that is not all that’s behind this.  Ultimately, I want my sons to have something tangible to touch, to have, to listen to and to watch to remember what ‘Third Grade’ really means.”

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