Pakistan Forefronts Rohingya Children Plight — International Community’s Shameful Silence Strongly Denounced by the Pak-UN Envoy Dr. Maleeha Lodhi

Burma’s Horrendous Savagery on Desperate Children, Categorically Exposed by Pakistan-initiated SAIRI Report.

New York (UN News Desk) – Though belatedly, Pakistan has prolifically mounted a frontage ‘locus-positioning’ in an ongoing humanitarian crisis of unprecedented epic proportions. Pakistan is credited for pointing to an austerely ‘Spartan-facet’ of the oppressed Rohingyas ‘Mess-Predicament’—i.e. their small children being enslaved and sold out as for 45,000 to 60,000 Baht each. The boys are sold into forced labour, whilst the girls into sex-slavery, and forced prostitution.

Over 1,78000 children prone to high risks of state-sponsored savagery according to an analytico-descriptive situation report primed by SAIRI Post-doc Multiversity, which debunked the multiple manifolds of the ‘offenses-against-humanity’ comprising of multiple forms of de-humanizing brutality and merciless cruelty manifested upon the Rohingya children, that have been caught in the desperate circumstances.

Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr Maleeha Lodhi, recently addressed an important panel discussion at a full-to-the-capacity conference room at UN headquarters said,

“A large number of Rohingyas are reported dead or missing as they made their journeys of escape from persecution, confinement and waves of deadly violence directed at them.”

“Of the world’s refugees, more than half were children, up from 41 per cent in 2009, the highest figure in not only the 21st century’s rising age but an inordinate length of time,” mentioned the envoy.

“This only magnifies the scale of the tragedy at hand, she said, and pointed out that thousands of men, women and children have lost their lives and drowned in the Mediterranean, as they made their journeys of escape from persecution, confinement and waves of deadly violence.”

“But the international community was not doing enough and not acting decisively,” she said.

“The international community to its utmost shame, has ignored massive human suffering in the past. We are reminded of Rwanda and Srebrenica among other crises. The current crisis of refugees could mark ‘a-new-flag-of-shame’,” she said.

“Pakistan took the initiative to convene this panel discussion because the world was confronted with a humanitarian crisis of historic proportions.”

“Why have we not seen a decisive humanitarian response to this unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe,” she asked.

“Why is the present toolkit of political, legal, diplomatic and economic measures, falling so short of what is needed? Why has the global response not been able to decisively address symptoms much less deal with the underlying causes of this humanitarian crisis,” she questioned. “I would like to speak out today…!” continued Dr. Maleeha Lodhi quite ardently, fervidly and enthusiastically.

The UN General Assembly’s 70th session’s elected president Mogens Lykketoft (former Dutch parliament speaker) also attended the panel confab, primed by Dr. Lodhi.

The panel-juncture was joined by senior UN officials as well as representatives of a number of countries. were also present at the confab. 

Earlier, a shocking documentation of the horror-struck state-of-affairs, ascendingly arose a significant response in international ivories, on the issue of the Rohingya Children’s  ‘Mess-predicament’. The shocking but, academically rather far-right document titled ‘SAIRI Situation Report on Rhohingya Children’s Ongoing Crisis’, was primed by SAIRI Post-doc Multiversity, which is also led by a Pakistani researcher Dr. Qadhi A. Z. Al Hafi, who works as functionary principal investigator at SAIRI.  The ‘investigatory appraisal-based situation report’ was documented and acquiesced through the National Postdoctoral Headquarters  based in Washington DC during the last month. Dr. Khalida M. Khan, a Pakistani representative and post-doc moderator at NPA, formally submitted the document to Dr. Belinda E Huang, the NPA Executive Director.

SAIRI report, to its part, “brought forth some of the alarming and perilous ‘information-specifics’ about hundreds of thousands of Rohingya children, who are being horrendously treated, brutally enslaved and inhumanely besieged… It has not only opened the eyes and pricked the minds within the academic segments, the UN and the socio-political ivories, but also served as ‘a mirror to the blind’ at large, in humanistic and moral realms!” opined Justice(R) S.S. Paru L.L.D., Chancellor Emeritus SAARC-ASEAN Post-doc Academia and Dr. Faisar N.M., who currently serves as Regional Appraisals’ Director at the SAARC Post-doc Academia.

Now, the Pakistan-initiated SAIRI report’s striking diction and mind-pricking phraseology is being echoed at the UN floor, that quite meaningfully shaked that world’s conscience by voicing: 

“The testimonial document of SAIRI, now calls on UN and the trans-regional hierarchies in particular, and the global community in general, to take a ‘moral stand’ by mounting an urgent rejoinder to the most ‘vulnerable hour’ of this humanitarian emergency.”

“By means of the present report-testimony, I, the SAIRI’s principal investigator, hereby supplicate to the global community that:

“These longsuffering ‘stateless’ and ‘restless’ entities—the Rohingyas and their desperate children—are on their knees before the collective conscience of the world—the international community—the UN, the governments and the entire humanity.” 

“These glimmering flowers are being reduced and converted to dusky coffins, floating on the Andaman Sea.”

“The world has become a global village; we are all inhabitants of the same planet to which they belong, and—where alongside, they are being oppressed, thrashed, beleaguered and de-humanized—their homes being burned down—their heads being smashed on roads—their bodies being ruined and crumpled in streets—their small children being enslaved—their women being made sex-slaves—and, due to the unapproachability and inaccessibility to food and water they are forced to drink their own urine to survive…!!!

They are like us all—their lives are as precious as our lives—their small babies are as our own small kids—the children that are now on their knees ‘begging-for-their-lives’ are not, but like ours…!!!”

“And, if by now, we fail, therefore, to respond at this vulnerable hour, or if the global community continues to shy away from taking a ‘moral stand’, then, there can be no more justifiable reason for the pursuit of a humane society or for persisting and sticking to even the least realms of humaneness!” pleads SAIRI’s principal investigator, Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi.

“We have to strive for a ‘principal resolve’ of the ‘Rohingya Children Crisis’ as a ‘Moral Imperative’—if not a legal requisite,” urged and presaged categorically Prof. Qadhi A.Z. Al Hafi the principal investigator of SAIRI’s 1st situation report on ‘Rohingya Children De-humanizing Clamp-down’.


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