New Website Plans to Bridge the Gender Gap in STEM

STEM$ELLS, a startup company created by 2 high school students aims to create a STEM educational platform geared towards young women.

New York City – August 4, 2015 – New Startup Company ‘STEM$ELLS’, announced today that it is raising funds via kickstarter.

The company has set out to raise at least $1500 to fund their site for a few months as they develop their class curriculum, after September 5th of 2015. 

Many young women are told to stay away from math and engineering in favor of more ‘feminine’ or ‘girly’ activities, despite the fact that 66% of 4th grade girls have an interest in math and science. Shunning the talents of young women is exactly why only 18% college engineering majors are female.

STEM$ells seeks to be the platform that helps girls gain a career within STEM, and the increase the amount of women within all STEM fields.

It’s a social norm that women should be more interested in fashion, or anything that relates to their appearance, rather than enter the more competitive and rigorous fields.

“With STEM$ells, you can help lead the next generation of young women into higher paying jobs, with the knowledge and skills they’ll gain from using our website,” says Peter R. Rose, Co-Founder, STEM$ells.

Rose adds, “We imagine a world where young women realize their potential within science and math, and use those interests to gear towards the more profitable careers, where they will surely flourish.” 

If you believe that women have the potential to compete in high level positions that require some form of STEM knowledge, you learn more about the project by visiting

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