American Students Have New Traditions for Post-Completion of Final College Essays

August 04, 2015 – In a newly released article, Mila Devyn documents the varying traditions that college students hold for after they’ve completed their last college essays.

For college students who are under the strain of multiple assignments, final exams, and varying career, financial, and lifestyle obligations, the completion of their last college essay is a major goal. To celebrate this accomplished goal, college students have established varying traditions for the celebration of the last essay’s completion.

In the newly released article, college students can be seen singing in celebration of this milestone. Many students decide to launch their official “we’re done” songs on platforms such as YouTube, while some take their celebration into the streets. Other college students decide to take to social media in celebration of their milestone. For instance, many college students have decided to tweet or post to Instagram images and interesting messages adorned with creative hashtags.

The end of one’s college semester or college education is a milestone worth celebrating. In the newly released article, students are documented as finding some unique ways to celebrate their accomplishments. “This is a relatively new tradition of some college students to celebrate the end of the academic year; they just find the biggest hill in the area and roll down it!” said the article.

Whether they are celebrating on campus or via social media, college students continue to find unique ways to show the world how excited they are about finishing their last college essay. For instance, some college students have taken to modern jump shots as a celebratory message. Others have turned to dance, an age-old form of expression and revelry. Break dancing on the street or dancing in the club or just dancing anywhere have become leading things that students do after writing their last college essay.

One new trend, memes, has also found a way to be infused with these celebrations. Many college students have found witty ways to turn memes into a celebration for social media, text messaging, and more.

The new article reveals that students are still celebrating the completion of their last college essays with a time-tested tradition: partying. Bubble wrap parties and outdoor raves are both ways that college students are celebrating their accomplishments.

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