SteamBytes studio has just launched an original puzzle game DIVIDO™

Warsaw, Poland – August 4, 2015 – SteamBytes has just announced the availability of DIVIDO™, an original puzzle game that runs on iOS, Android and WP platforms. The game is free and has its own unique rules and two interface styles — retro and modern.

The retro version of DIVIDO™ captures the atmosphere of the early 1980s. Some of the old school features are the screen distortion which creates an impression as if the game would be displayed on an old TV, the monochrome graphics or the ability to enter cheat codes.

In its modern version, the game has softer colors — primarily blue and white colors — and a refined interface. This version also comes with a pleasant music which is far less energetic than that of the retro version. Where the rules are concerned, the two versions are identical, so choosing the interface is just a matter of personal preference.

The rules of DIVIDO™ are simple and the goal of the game is to prevent the screen from being flooded by blocks with numbers. The player needs tomake decisions quickly and find the right number to clear the screen from tiles that fall from the top. Clearing 10 or more tiles from the screen will grantspecial rewards which can alter the game mechanics.

Both versions of DIVIDO™ are available for free on well as Google Play, Apple App Store and Microsoft Store.

About SteamBytes:

SteamBytes is a young company that aims to create mobile games which don’t waste the player’s time. 

“We want our products to improve the skills and knowledge of the users. Our main advantages are the combination of the experience in game development and management as well as outstanding motivation in creating products which are making the world at least a little bit better.”

Media Contact
Company Name: SteamBytes
Contact Person: Tomasz Mularczyk, CEO
Phone: +48 600 782 836
Country: Poland