A simple Introduction into Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooter Series

It is over a decade of years since Airwheel was established. Considering the entry of Airwheel into the sector of scooter, it is merely three year. Although the duration is not long, Airwheel is the fastest-growing firm industrywide. In the last three years, Airwheel rolled out a host of series model—A-, S-, X- and Q-series.

Airwheel launched X-series first. X-series is reasonably termed as a classic model. It is famous as its agility. Those seasoned riders are fond of X-series, e.g. X3 and X8, for the single-wheeled structure makes for turning and traveling smoothly. There are myriads of people who harp up on about the hardship of use of X-series. In comparison with twin-wheeled scooter, indeed, it is no doubt that it takes some time to learn to ride X-series smoothly. But once one learns to ride with ease, he has to swoon over it deeply. Take X3 for example. X3 takes some beating, compared with scooters of other series.

Q-series shows king of a sign that Airwheel got catering to the demands of common customers. In the market for scooters, many a scooter-lover shied away from X-series, not least because of its hardship of use. When riding X-series single-wheeled scooter, they always fell over and got tiny hurt on legs. Q-series scooter is the opposite. It only costs players minutes to ride it with ease. Therefore, this series expanded the market share of Airwheel scooter. From then on, Airwheel was on a rise with each passing day. 

In order to make a further effort in the ease of use, Airwheel unveiled its two-wheeled self-balancing scooter, i.e. S-series and A-series. Amongst Series, there are three models, i.e. S3, S3T and S5, whilst the A-series has only one member—A3. But it is believed that in the near future A3 will have members that are more new. 

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