Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooter Sparks a New Wave on the Streets

On the streets and in some scenic spots, self-balancing scooters have become the optimal choices for getting around in short distance. Intelligent scooters are portable, efficient and fashionable.

In the last century, bikes have been the main transport vehicles in some countries. In the current days, automobiles have become the tidal current as science and technology develops. Though the roads are getting wider and smoother, they gets gridlocked quite often. The air conditions are worse than ever before. But the good news is that more and more people have realized the serious situation that the city is faced with, and they tend to approach the matter in a healthy, low-carbon and eco-friendly way. On the streets and in some scenic spots, self-balancing scooters, being portable, efficient and fashionable, have become the optimal choices for getting around in short distance.

At weekends or at night, there are some people practice riding electric unicycles in the parks. In some scenic spots, electric self-balancing scooters are put into use for tourists to go sightseeing. The delicate transport tool, powered by electricity, emits no waste gas to the air and is very fit for commuting in the scenic spots. The market leader, Airwheel, has applied maglev motors to its products, which will produce no noise and help people to enjoy a the beautiful scenery quietly. 

Some urban dwellers set out to go to work by electric one-wheeled scooters. They only drive cars in some bad weather conditions, like rainy and snowy days. For some who work downtown, the roads are congested even after the rush hours. They would waste much time on the road. Since the introduction of self-balancing scooters, people would not worry about the traffic jams and the oil cost has been saved a lot. Intelligent scooters could be easily parked and even carried onto buses.

Among the scooter riding groups, some people attempt to ride the new device for fitness. Riding electric unicycles is an effective way to train the balancing and coordinating capabilities. In the riding experience, the vehicle helps to burn the extra fat and then lose weight. Some electric scooter fans love to ride with their friends, and they feel that riding with ease and verve relieve the daily pressure in jobs.

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