Masha-T’s performance tribute to Teena Marie which was held at the 7165 Lounge in Germantown, sponsored by The October Gallery and hosted by radio personality Doug Henderson was nothing short of astonishing and astounding.

Jaw dropping, exciting, awesome and all the words in between do no justice to describe how Masha-T of The Chain of Music Entertainment LLC essayed the vocals of Teena Marie at the 7165 Lounge in Philadelphia, PA. It felt like Teena Marie’s crooning verve has exhumed itself in Masha-T — the soul of Teena Marie just shone through Masha-T at the show which indubitably left the crowd in the 7165 Lounge spellbound. Cathy Hughes, founder of Radio One, a broadcasting company that targets African-American and urban listeners once quoted on CNN that Teena was a black voice trapped in a white body. Masha-T’s performance at the event redefined that quote – Teena Marie is alive in Masha-T in a most enigmatic way.

In succinct, Masha-T of The Chain of Music Entertainment LLC executed a powerful performance, showing the stuff she’s made of as well as Route Runna Management LLC in association with Island Def Jam Music Group and The Chain Music Entertainment LLC’s ability to sniff up talents and give them a platform to show their stuff. Masha-T is just one of the talents.

You can visit the official websites of Masha-T and The Chain of Music Entertainment LLC here and here

Doug Henderson who hosted this event at 7165 Lounge quoted that of all the people he has heard throughout his radio career, no one else could dream to touch Teena Marie songs. If anyone managed, no one could pull it off like Masha-T. And, that wasn’t the only laud Masha-T got. In fact Masha-T got more than she bargained for when Doug Grigsby who was Teena Marie’s musical director and base player is now looking into the producing of Masha-T’s ensemble of talents. That came after an emotional quote from Doug Grigsby that went,” Masha-T reminds me of Teena with her passion, devotion to music and outstanding vocals.”

Doug Grigsby hailed Masha-T’s likeness to Teena Marie, approving that the latter of The Chain of Music Entertainment sounds like the real McCoy. That mirroring of Teena Marie by Masha-T would earn the latter a show in Las Vegas if they ever want a Teena Marie tribute show, a promise Doug Grigsby made.

It won’t be too ambitious to say that if Masha-T is to perform in Las Vegas, she will set the Sin City on fire!

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