“The Other Side Of Through: From Disaster to Destiny” — A Story that take you on A Spiritual Journey

People have different religions, different beliefs but there is only one almighty, being called by different names by people.  Some people believe in God, while some don’t and there are many who can’t decide. Author Jimmie D. Rogers Jr’s new book “The Other Side of Through: From Disaster To Destiny” is a thought provoking attempt at empowering the faith in God and His will with the help of his central character.  His spiritual journey motivates the readers towards having more faith in the almighty.

The story of the book is about a man who is on a spiritual journey in his life. The story takes the reader along on this journey where that man goes through so much. Things and situations become bleak and odds never seem to be in his favor. But when one has faith in God, the almighty always answers the call and shows the light in the darkest of paths.  God’s “will” sometimes seems unclear and not understandable. But the journey through this book inspires the reader to develop their faith, even when God’s plans are not clear, understanding, whatever will happen, will be for your good.

The author has very beautifully marked his central character on a journey of finding faith. The reader can feel the hardships of life though the character’s journey. But with every page turned, your faith in the almighty starts getting stronger. It helps the reader to believe that no matter how tough the situations may get, one should always have faith in God as he always makes the way clear. The wordings and the detailed representation of faith turns the journey of the character into the journey of the reader.

The story is not about any particular religion, but it’s about the one supreme power, no matter what name different people call Him. The way this author has described God, His will, His mercifulness and His love for every soul, it strengthens ones belief in the one supreme. This spiritual journey takes the reader through the heights and depths of life and its hardships, but in the end, it fills the reader with a much stronger faith in God.

The book is available on Amazon and undoubtedly getting some really heartwarming reviews from the readers.

Author Jimmie D. Rogers Jr. is also a Professional public speaker and a ministry leader who has made a positive impact on the world around him for more than a decade. His novel is an attempt inspire the world to develop stronger faith in God and to bring a positive change in their lives. 

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