“Negris LeBrum” starts Kickstarter campaign for NY Fashion-Week ’16, launching a new collection to celebrate and stand for modern women

Starting from the campus of Texas Southern University, the popular fashion brand “Negris LeBrum”, Houston (U.S), has surely come a long way, as they ready themselves to launch their fifth collection at New York Fashion-Week Spring/Summer 2016. Debuting at NY Fashion-Week fall 2012, “Negris LeBrum” has taken constant incremental steps and has shown a tremendous growth and popularity. With such growth and popularity come increasing expectations of a better-than-previous show, and thus an increase in the finances required to live up to the expectations. To meet up those financial requirements in order to give another great show, they have started a “kickstarter” fundraising-campaign, expecting to be backed by the fashion enthusiasts and dreamers like them.

Reportedly, for this Spring/Summer collection, the “Love Story collection” presents the looks, colors, designs and styles of that funkadelic period (late 60s – early 70s). This collection’s inspiration is the aspirations, attitude and strength of the Negris woman. With their designs and dresses, they intend to represent these traits of a modern woman, a woman, who is loved by many, admired by all and perceives elegance. A fusion of these with a fashionable freedom inspires “Negris LeBrum” designs.

Travis Hamilton, Founder of Negris LeBrum, started this company taking inspiration from the love between a beautiful French Creole woman, Negris, and a handsome man, Sam LeBrum that overcame all societal differences and brought them together. This company aims at presenting this story of amazingly strong and pure love by the means of fashion.

“Negris LeBrum”, since its inception, has grown significantly as a brand and has become vastly popular. With every new line of clothing introduced, they just better themselves. They have been presenting fresh and unique collections through a great show every time. With their previous shows and constantly increasing popularity, the expectations from their next show at NY Fashion Week are higher than ever and so is the cost required to do so.

To meet up the financial requirement in order to give another spectacular show, team “Negris LeBrum” has started a fundraising campaign through “Kickstarter”. As told, they believe that there are many dreamers like them out there who will relate to this project of theirs and will support and back them in their pursuit of presenting a better-than-ever show. All the backers will be offered rewards in the form of their limited retro-classic items, which will be perfect for women admiring style and sophistication.



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