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BlueDotSound, Plug-Pair-Play, The best wall outlet bluetooth speaker ever!
Wall Outlet Bluetooth Speaker with Mic for Speaker Phone

FB Group Holding Inc. Launches the BlueDotSound™ Wall Outlet Bluetooth Speaker with Mr.Checkout! 

No Charging! No Batteries! No Cables! No Cords!

Houston based FB Group Holding Inc. has launched their new Bluetooth Outlet Speaker. The BlueDotSound™ speakers work in ANY wall outlet at ANY orientation: top, bottom, left or right, leaving the other outlet free for use.

“There are many bluetooth speakers on the market, fewer that are powered through your electrical wall outlet. The device is simple to set-up and has no switches, no plugs, no wires or cables. The Power comes from the wall, so there is no HazMat waste from a battery. Easy Plug, Pair and Play, digital technology. The BlueDotSound™ speaker will remember your device and connect when in range. The sound is awesome,” says Dan Neuenfeldt, President FB Group Holding Inc. “The BlueDotSound™ also has a built in mic so it can also be used as a speaker phone! Enjoy crystal clear conference calls anywhere in the office, at home, alone or with a group. It’s also perfect for sharing chats via iChat®, Skype®, Google Talk® and more.”

Hien Tran, CTO, “Our competition is primarily with companies who use lithium ion batteries to charge/recharge their portable Bluetooth speakers. We designed our device to use the wall outlet power, we do not use ANY batteries. No hazardous waste! Regulations and laws pertaining to the recycling and disposal of lithium ion batteries vary from country to country as well as by state and local governments, but improper disposal is bad for the environment.”

For more information please visit the BlueDotSound website:

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Company Name: FB Group Holding Inc.
Contact Person: Dan Neuenfeldt
Phone: 281-701-4679
Country: United States