Canadian Electric Boat Company Highlighted on Modern Living With kathy ireland

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LOS ANGELES – August 4, 2015 – MMP (USA) announces a Modern Living with kathy ireland exclusive interview with Canadian Electric Boat Company. Phillippe Pellerin of Canadian Electric Boat Company provides insights into what makes his company’s boat a preferred alternative to gas-powered boats. He notes, “Our products are pollution free, noise free, maintenance free and 100-percent electric. You can cruise for six to eight hours in one of our boats for pennies, instead of spending as much as $200 powering a gas-powered boat for the same period of time.

Pellerin adds, “Our reliable and innovated pod engines both eliminate the noise of a normal engine and eliminate the need for a separate rudder. Not only does our design allow you to make a 180-degree turn on a dime, there is no wake created when you move silently through the water. This makes both our models an excellent choice for use in marinas and other tight areas.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Modern Living with kathy ireland, notes, “When we find a company such as Canadian Electric Boat Company, we are excited to bring news of its innovative products and solutions to our viewers. These electric boats provide a truly unique and safe way to enjoy the water while avoiding pollution and noise.”

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