Life Connect Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Funds

Life Connect, created by a group with the objective of transforming lives and families, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the development of this app.

Life Connect is an app that was created by the group Life Recovery Solutions and is designed to help those who are struggling with addiction issues.  Created by an individual with personal knowledge of the tragedy of drug addiction through the loss of a brother, the app was created to empower those who are trying to beat the drug habit.  The creator says, “We created Life Recovery Solutions and our Life Connect App because too many people are dying from addiction and too many families are being destroyed. Unfortunately, 80 percent of those who are able to get treatment relapse in the first year relapse over and over.  The problem is getting worse, with 2.8 million new addicts every year and 27 percent of teens use drugs regularly.”

According to recent statistics, there are 30 million addicts in the United States, 14.8 million of whom struggle with mental illness. At least 7.7 million of these addicts are suffering from PTSD and 4.7 million of them are on parole or probation.  Life Recovery Solutions offers a different way to approach relapses and equip addicts with the tools they need to recover. The Life Connect app helps them change their behavior as it is designed to disrupt triggers and cues and replace them with positive habits.  The app is integrated with Zoey, the Virtual Health Assistant, who provides ongoing encouragement and feedback while at the same time assigning new tasks and disrupting old thinking patterns.  Family, friends and health care professionals can also view the client’s activities and moods and even receive updates. Recovery centers, probation offices and other agencies can also use the app to automate simple tasks and stay in touch with clients at all times.

As seen at, the IndieGoGo campaign offers pledge levels of $100, although donations in any amount are accepted.  Donors receive perks including personalized messages on the group’s Facebook page.  

For more information, see the IndieGoGo campaign.

About Life Connect:  

Life Connect is a new app that is part of the Life Recovery Solutions system.  Created to help transform lives and families, this app offers hope to those who are struggling with addiction.  Now, the creators have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise development funds.


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