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Our Essentially Raw Chocolate Spread that also comes in a convenient squeeze pouch
LoveBean Unlimited, LLC Introduces “Future of Organic Chocolate Spreads.” The Vegan, Paleo and absolutely delicious answer to all your dessert needs.

We use only organic ingredients and we always sweeten with delicious low-glycemic Coconut Sugar. Since our products are Virgin Coconut Oil-based, not only are they a healthier option, but this allows the texture to vary from thick and creamy when cooler to completely liquid and perfect for dipping when warmer.

AUSTIN, TX – August 04, 2015 – LoveBean Unlimited, LLC, a pioneer in the organic, vegan and paleo food world, today announced their expansion plan to sell their products on a national level after great success in targeted regions and online. As the trend for organic coconut and coconut oil-based products continues to explode, LoveBean is perfectly positioned to fill a niche market for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without harmful additives or ingredients. It appeals equally to both adults and children and has also proven to be a great source of energy for the ever-widening Crossfit community. 

LoveBean’s social media presence is steadily growing with over 20,000 nationwide followers via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Online sales have been consistently strong as well and continue to grow month to month. 

LoveBean has spent the past two years marketing and testing out the products in selective markets including Whole Foods in order to perfect their processes and distribution and to prepare for their move onto a national scale. 

“I am so excited to be taking LoveBean to the next level and offering our products to a national market. We have had much success selling online and in our selected regions, and I am ready to see it fully transition into a household name,” said LoveBean Founder Ryan Ferester.

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