Corbin Vodka Shares Benefits of Fresh Farm Grown Potatoes

Potatoes are not only brilliant in taste but also contain exciting health benefits.
Potatoes are not only brilliant in taste but also contain exciting health benefits.

A project funded by the University of Wisconsin for the research on organic potatoes has discovered that farm grown potatoes are high in nutrition levels that can help in countering various diseases. Prior to listing all the benefits of potatoes, it is significant to mention how farm grown potatoes are better than commercially grown potatoes.

Farm grown VS commercial grown:

All of it can be rounded off to one single point: They are chemical free. This ensures that the potatoes you eat will have all the promised health benefits without any sort of chemical intrusion.

Benefits of farm grown potatoes:

Farm grown potatoes have moderate calories, enriched vitamins, and high fiber contents. And all these instilled qualities lead to the following health benefits:

• They reduce the inflammation in the body. The high content of fiber in potatoes makes it easy for you to digest your food.

• It removes toxins and detoxifies your body.

• Potatoes are rich in Omega fats and Vitamin B which is essential for the healthy brain activity. Moreover, it contains high levels of oxygen which makes it a food perfect for brain health

• Another essential nutrient in potatoes is Carotenoids which controls blood diseases and protects your heart by improving its functioning and controlling the cholesterol level in the body

• Blood pressure is one of the main causes of heart attacks and other diseases like liver failure, low brain activity etc. By including potatoes in your diet plan you can control and reduce the risk of having blood pressure.

•  Recent research has shown that potatoes are good for kidney stones. Where mostly water is considered as the only resort to fix kidney issues, potatoes have high calcium and magnesium deposits which prevent kidney stones and also help you get rid of them.

•  Last but not the least; potatoes are magnificent for your skin.  Potatoes are frequently used in several skincare products to restore the nature glow of the skin. They are used to remove puffiness in the eyes and remove dark circles.

All these benefits are attained from potatoes. These potatoes are fresher, easy to cultivate and take their natural time to grow which the most significant factor is serving to all the nutrients it contains while on the other hand commercial grown potatoes have lesser level of nutrients and minerals.

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