Hiring a Professional Electrician Can Save Your Life

There are numerous reasons you should hire a professional to wire your house, among the top reasons is safety. FATHER & Son Electric Service Co. started in the basement of a family home over 30 years ago. Though we’ve grown quite a bit since then, we still continue to keep our original family business mindset.
Did you know that fixed wiring is the second leading cause of all electrical related house fires? House fires are only the beginning, the average number of construction workers killed each year by electrocutions is 143.

That’s just the average for construction workers, can you imagine what that number might be for unprofessional installations? There are numerous reasons you should hire a professional to wire your house, among the top reasons is safety. Unless you’ve been OSHA certified, I’d say the safest, smartest way to get the job done is by hiring a professional.

Reason being, is that most civilians have no proper knowledge of the term “lock out, tag out”. Meaning, a person could be critically injured by unknowingly activating a live wire, that is not safe to handle. OSHA estimates that there are around 350 deaths each year that are directly electrical related. With the proper knowledge of safety procedures, these fatalities could be avoided. Beyond death, there are some pretty serious nonfatal injuries that can be inflicted while installing wiring by yourself.

It is more common for most injuries to occur when dealing with high voltage, overloaded circuits, or improperly installed circuit breakers. This means that injury could happen to anyone in use of the wired electricity, even after instillation. Keep yourself and your family safe, hire a professional. Professional electricians have been put through a series of training. Training includes knowledge of safe electrical installation, how to properly install wiring, along with good old fashioned experience. By hiring a professional to install wiring in your home you can eliminate the cost of injury, and repair.

After all, wouldn’t you rather enjoy your home after wiring, instead of using more time to repair? Hiring a professional can also cut the time it would take to recover from an injury, along with saving you money on medical bills, or raw material to redo the job you’ve already done. There are always risks taken while working with electricity, however, those risks are cut almost in half when done by a trained professional. Before you remodel, stop and think, “Is installing wiring myself really worth the risk?” Do research, you can get quotes from contractors. Professionals have the innate ability to recognize the cause of the problem and take corrective action to quickly resolve the problem and do so in a very safe and secure manner.

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