Careers paths in bartending and casino are giving abundant opportunities for those who are interested

Imagine having the knowledge of mixed drinks, fine wines and beer with a hands on experience.
Bartending and Casino College gives students the tools they need to advance in the career of their dreams.

Casino Dealer School Training

Prior to accepting a job and beginning employment at a casino, dealers go through extensive training at a dealing school. Casino training will give a future employee the upper hand they need to be successful and quickly move to the top paying casinos. The opportunity is endless. Bartending and Casino College will make this learning process fun and exciting.

Hands-on bartending class

Imagine having the knowledge of mixed drinks, fine wines and beer with a hands on experience. Learn how to mix drinks according to standard restaurant procedure, great customer service skills and common jargon and phraseology.

TIPS certification classes

This class will teach on how to spot overly intoxicated people and the necessary steps to get them under control. After successfully completing this course, the student will be able to discern whether a customer is enjoying themselves, or getting into trouble, have a better knowledge on how to intervene on a situation and when to ask for assistance, and how to spot underage drinking and prevent selling to minors.

Flair Bartending

Flair bartending is all the rave. With Flare bartending classes students will learn what bottles to throw, how high, and how these techniques will land nice tips. This course isn’t mandatory, but it’s guaranteed to increase tips by a noticeable difference.

Job Placement

The benefits of going to a top notch school are that after graduation, finding a job is a stress free process. Bartending and Casino College will help you with your job search and work full time until you have found a position you are happy with. This process is easier with an education in bartending. Most employers will see this and jump you to the top of the list of first hires.

Best pricing against competitors

Not only is this a great Bartending and Casino College in the state, above all else we trump our competitor’s tuition prices. Look forward to learning at your own pace and having a blast while doing it.

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