“Before We Say Goodbye” – A Thought Provoking Novel by Julie Mac Lennan

Life has different paths and everyone sets on their journey hoping to find something.  Such journeys are never easy but ultimately, only that journey matters which leads to survival. This beautiful life theme based is the debut Novel from Author Julie Mac Lennan  “Before We Say Goodbye”. A captivating story of four strangers set on a journey that’ll change everything for them when it ends.

 The plot revolves around the four main characters of the story. Four strangers, each one of them are having their lives standing on a crucial juncture. Each one of them have had been through their own struggles and ups and downs of lives before reaching this pivotal moment in their lives. And just before Christmas, fate brings them all to set on a train journey. A journey, at the end of which, all these four strangers with their different stories and backgrounds will find the true meaning of life.

The most impressive thing about this book is the detailed development of each and every character and the ease with which all these characters, who are strangers to each other, completes each other’s story. The simplicity of the way that is used to define these characters makes the reader to easily relate to each one of them.  The author has beautifully penned down the common feelings of a human life, which one feels but mostly fails to understand. The way these feelings have been described makes the readers feel like as if their own feelings are being told by the author through these characters. The ability of the author to present the most complex feelings of a human heart with such ease keeps the reader glued to the book. Four characters with their different stories set on a journey. Author succeeds in relating all these different characters and their stories to complete one big thought provoking experience.

Author Julie Mac Lennan, Scotland, has made a praiseworthy debut with this novel. She has been writing for quite long. A football lover, Julie, was recently honored when her poem “The Promise” was asked to be used as a part of commemoration of First World War, by the Royal British Legion.

Her novel is available on Amazon  and is getting really impressive reviews and feedbacks from the readers. 

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