New Bestseller Shares the Secrets of How to Turn Any Tragedy into an Awesome Life for the Entire Family

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA, August 5 — Jan Michael Gaynor, author of the new bestseller You Are Awesome! is bringing to the reader his first-hand life experiences. Gaynor was living a very successful life when a medical incident caused temporary paralysis. Unable to work, he lost almost everything: business, cars, home, retirement savings, and the ability to complete his Ph.D. — fifty plus years of life’s treasures all gone.

Overcoming both the physical and mental pain he experienced, he corrected these hardships. He has written this book for the whole family. He teaches the best of the best techniques that he knows work. The family can learn how to strive for the success of each other and the family as a whole. The goal is to improve each family member’s life through awareness, mutual respect, communications and cooperative teamwork and reminds the reader,  “You Are Already Awesome!”

As a youth leader and father of five, Gaynor is also an experienced college Instructor with 2 Masters Degrees. His experiences cover a wide spectrum of ages, young and old. He has taught many topics for many years on many levels.

“Jan Gaynor, You have created a curriculum for the whole family that helps people reconnect to the essence of who they are. Discover what is awesome about them and provide a safe way for people to explore that; and to communicate and support each other, and learn to know each other better. I love what you are doing. I think it is really important and so needed all across America, North America and ultimately the World.”

~Jack Canfield – award-winning motivational speaker, best-selling author, success coach and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Jan’s new bestseller, YOU ARE AWESOME! Live your Life by Design, Not by Accident! is available on

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