Man grabs coaching program with a millionaire to follow his passion for ‘Healing ’others

A number of people in this world have various passions in life but due to lack of resources they’re not able to pursue it and anyone who gets a chance to follow their passion in life feels incredibly amazing.

 One of those people is Lee whose biggest passion in life is Healing people and after that marketing. Unlike, other sorts of interests or hobbies, this passion of his not only brings him joy, but has the potential to change the life of thousands of others who are suffering from many physical or mental ailments.

He lives in a rural community in Northwest Ohio and since his childhood days he has been fascinated with the Asian culture and the Kung fu movies of the 70’s and 80’s which introduced him to the concept of the healing with herbs and other procedures and one of the movies which affected him the most was ‘Resurrection’. The lead character of the movie faces a near death experience and comes back with a power to heal anyone with her hands.

All these things stayed in Lee’s mind and his curiosity led him to explore further the concept of healing and he went on to searching healing methods throughout the world and history including arts like tai chi, meditation, Ayurveda, breathing exercises, hands on healing, herbs, marijuana, prayer, healing music and art, religious healings, quantum touch, and a lot more.

He benefitted a number of people from his knowledge and learning experiences and wishes to benefit an even larger number of people now. For that, he needed to convert all the knowledge into a product and learn all about successful creation of that product. He applied with a business coach mentor and after interview and several hours of discussion with the advisor he got selected for a 6 month training program with a multi millionaire who knows the inside out of product creation, marketing and developing a business model.

It’s once in lifetime opportunity for him to work along with a millionaire and actually convert his passion into a business model which will let him achieve his goal of helping as many people as possible by developing the right kind of product.

After the completion of this program he will have a full fledged product ready for the masses and proper marketing knowledge which will help him distribute it to the world. He loves to help people and this opportunity will let him help a larger number of people to achieve good mental and physical health. The only constraint is acquiring the right amount of funds to join the entrepreneurial training program for which Lee is hoping support on gofundme from the masses who have benefitted from his ability or who may benefit from him in future.

The raised funds will be used to cover the $7000 for the coaching program and at least another $1000 will be needed for video editing software, Autoresponder, website hosting, website building software and miscellaneous expenses.

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