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LOS ANGELES – August 5, 2015 – VIA Motors continues to solve many of the challenges that fleet owners face today. These challenges include finding the best vehicle for their company, reducing operating expenses, and having access to parts and maintenance. VIA Motors believes they have the solution to this problem with their certified full size vans and light duty pickup truck. VIA Motors produces plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that have up to a 40-mile battery range and extended range through its on-board generator, giving the vehicle up to a 400-mile total range.

Businesses often find themselves struggling to find the right vehicle for their fleets.  VIA Motors has created a solution with an efficient extended range electric vehicle for today’s fleet market. VIA Motors provides superior efficiency with 35-40 mile electric drive coupled with a low level usage of the ICS (Internal combustion engine) that sends power to the electric motor. The electric motor is always turning the wheels of the vehicle, making it much more economical than a gas model vehicle.

VIA Motors has taken their customer service a step further by launching a Mobile App that is now available on IOS and Android operating system. VIA Motors new app allows customers to digitally access there owners manual, locate the nearest service center, and find local charging stations through their partner PlugShare.

The former CEO Pablo Acedo and current President Alan Perriton were featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland to discuss VIA Motors, and the impact they are making in the Fleet Industry. This sponsored programming re-airs on Fox Business Network August 9th, 2015 at 5:00pm ET.   You can also view the full interview online at Worldwide Business with kathy ireland’s YouTube channel.

Kathy Ireland states, “There are times such as these where I sit back and I see the future unfolding before me. What you’re doing is absolutely incredible.”

VIA believes that with their technology and business model, they can make these advancements applicable and within reach for the average business fleet owner. Customers using these vehicles will greatly increase their miles per gallon, helping to boost their savings, at the same time contributing to cleaning up the air and helping their organizations.

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