Adopting perfect measurement methods improves your revenues at an outstanding rate!

When most businesses are struggling to find efficiencies and add operating value to the bottom line, they are driven to look at process improvement.

As most managers and business owners would agree, dollars saved in operating costs are worth more than new revenue. One of the easiest and significant value-adds a business owner or manager can put in place is a way in which better information can be retrieved, more quickly, by the key stakeholders.  One example of this type of process improvement is the addition of technology that allows for the increased accuracy of measurement.

Various types of businesses need different measuring technologies.  Manufacturing and production have different requirements from service delivery firms, medical weighing technology varies from the clinic to the research lab, and the farm and field need different solutions than an office environment requires.  However, all types of companies benefit from accurate data that is precise and readily available, in order to make analytical decisions about key business factors.  When the precise data is not available, or is not available quickly, there are bound to be perception and estimation errors that, over time, can lead to significant losses for a business.

In addition to mitigating accrued operating loss, perfect measurement methods can actually bring additional revenue to some companies.  When a product is assembled imprecisely, its pricing is bound to be equally imprecise.  Take an example of a sandwich – if the recipe calls for two ounces of meat, and one ounce of cheese, and both are only estimated rather than perfectly measured, the loss is immediate and over very little time can become significant.  With the ability to accurately measure ingredients, the manager of an establishment can suddenly see into each step of the production process, allowing proper pricing of finished goods.

Other refinements that can be gained due to perfect measuring methods include reduced logistics costs that may skyrocket if you rely on a provider’s measurement and have nothing to compare them to; the ability to contest raw materials received if they do not meet the weight ordered; and the ability to refine the feeding process for livestock.  These refinements to a business process all require one thing in common:  perfect measuring methods.  The right technology, the right process and accurate record keeping all help the business run a seamless and lean operation, ensuring success for years to come.

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