A Breakthrough in Next Generation Desalination Will Save Millions of Lives

Only 1% of the planet’s ground water available to provide fresh, potable water for the world’s 7 billion people, forcing over 1 billion people who have no local water sources to travel miles and carry home what they can on their backs.

Ninety seven percent of the world’s water is sea water and is not used because of the high cost to build and operate a Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane system. RO systems cost ten times that of a ground water system, uses 5 times as much energy as a ground water plant and has 50% of the water returned back to the sea as pollutant. These exorbitant costs will continue to prevent the use of sea water on a large scale.

What does the next generation desalination process look like? It’s a combination of capacitive deionization (CDI)andwater deionization, removing the ionized salt by applying an electrical potential difference over two porous carbon electrodes and introducing electro-dialysis (ED/EDR) in a way that doesn’t require high pressure.

These new systems are cost effective and easy to build. There are no costly membranes with holes 1000 times smaller than a human hair to block the salt, no costly high pressure pumps to push the water through the membranes.

The next generation desalination process will cost half that of a ground water plant does to produce fresh water and 14 times less than conventional RO desalination plants.

This next generation process will enable millions of people to produce drinking from the earth’s 97% sea water for less than the cost of extracting and purifying ground water. With your help millions of families no longer need to die from lack of fresh water. By pledging your financial support to this crowdfunding campaign, you are helping save families and children who would die without this source of drinkable water. These funds will enable the team to build and test the optimal the next generation desalination process and provide the solution to the world, preventing millions of deaths. In return for supporting this important project, you can receive a T-shirt signed by the team.

To learn more about this new desalination process or to back this campaign, please visit http://kck.st/1SJdYUK

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