Pageant galore to represent beauties in the International Pageant at Baltimore USA

“Rajni Subba, National Director IEP along with Crowned winners Rinki Ghildiyal, Eesha Agarwal, Shreya Shah, Sindurii Basak.”
India Exquisite Pageant winners to represent beauties in the International Exquisite Pageant at Baltimore USA, for a cause

The stage had been set and the atmosphere indeed ethereal. India Exquisite Pageant had taken off and concluded with great fanfare. The winners had basked in acclaim. They had held immense poise and grace after a grilling test of beauty and wits.

Crowned winners included Rinki Ghildiyal as Miss India Exquisite, Eesha Agarwal as Ms. India Exquisite, Shreya Shah as Mrs. India Exquisite and the finally Sindurii Basak as Mrs. India Exquisite Queen for a Cause. The exquisite teen crown went to Miss Alexius Macleod.

The evening glowed with the beauty and the unmistakable charisma of women!

At an exclusive gathering all the exquisites assembled one last time at the venue Radisson Blu, Dwarka for a very successful photoshoot. The dinner spread followed and an official farewell was extended. The winners took off in a flight to Baltimore where the International Pageant awaits them to be held between 6th-8th of August. This delegation of beauties indeed is all set to make India proud.

This pageant unique in all aspects is not only about having beauty queens falling in just one age category. It instead stresses on celebrating womanhood through a liberal display of their inner strength and outer beauty. The sizzling show had everyone enthralled as the beauties sashayed down the ramp and glowed in their self worth.

“It has been truly sensational,” commented an overwhelmed Ms. India Exquisite 2014 Rajni Subba who is also the National Director for Exquisite International, US. The event was star studded and was in full participation of all the bigwigs in full attendance who not only partnered for the cause but also hold the esteem of woman in the highest of regards.

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