Miami, FL – Some of the most valuable companies in the world today are in the transportation industry — like Crowley and DHL. Companies in this industry have high growth verticals in the startup stages and with a market cap of $98 billion NYSE shows promising for the investor or venture capitalist interested in equity in the early stages of growth where the value of shares may increase by over 100% in a short period of time.

Here we have SCVLINE a shipping and logistics corporation that has Ready Venture Capital,  Capital Source Group and Hedge Fund Alden Global all ready to take a bite in this corporations equity. The growth of SCVLINE tied to a potential IPO in the next 3 years should make this a good bet that’s why Hedge Funds are so interested especially with the fall out in the Bond markets that we have seen happing ever so often.

Is there a comfortable way of investing in today’s market that doubles or triples your principal?

Perhaps in lucrative but risky technology startups that are plastered all over Silicon Valley that have no real assets other than its patented technology and customers based on squares, snaps, circles, tweets, likes or followers with the hope of future advertising income. Technology firms with the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, EBay, PayPal and others are phenomenal and have provided positive returns on investment with real value. They have now become the corner stone which today’s firms heavily rely for income and may be the golden goose we have all been looking with a market that eventually corrects itself with the bulls and bears.

Will there be another dot com or technology bubble in the near future?

For now it’s wise to diversify your investment portfolio to minimize risk. Traditionally shipping has been the foundation of globalization and we all know that when global consumption is growing the shipping industry benefits. Reports on the world economy rebounding are flowing from many economical sources. Consumers are spending again, and more and more are discovering the advantages of investing in the growth of the shipping industry.

SCVLINE offers the Investor a unique investment due to its proposal to have a geographically diversified shipping business operating in several countries offering the opportunity for the investor to have a secure cash flow.

SCVLINE is a shipping and logistics company Transporting Food, Merchandise and Vehicles between North America, Middle East, Europe & Asia with major plans on investing in a modern Fleet of LNG Powered Ships that can transport half a million TEUs of Cargo & Vehicles with shuttle service to the MENA region. Invest in the Intermodal Transport Capability of SCVLINE with service to 200+ Ports World Wide. Imports to the Middle East continue rise exponentially each year along with a high dependence on Food Imports. Containerized exports to the Indian Subcontinent and Middle East displayed the largest increase followed by exports to Europe for 2014.

Sir Kevin P. C. Blake, Founder of SCVLINE, said: “We are uniquely positioned in the heart of the growing tech + shipping renaissance in the USA where technology meets shipping with regards to customer acquisition through Android & Apple Apps, Facebook, Twitter and other Information technology mediums.”

SCVLINE is currently offering a convertible note on the disruptive CrowdFunder platform seeking to raise $3Million.

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SCVLINE is a shipping and logistics corporation with Head Quarters in the USA with offices in Miami, Florida USA and London, England U.K. SCVLINE has Intermodal Transport Capabilities with service to 200+ Ports World Wide Transporting Food, Merchandise and Vehicles between North America, Middle East, Europe & Asia. SCVLINE has recently formed partnerships with for additional shipping volume of containers and vehicles.

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