Excess Adrenaline and Its Effect on Creative Minds

A largely unappreciated fact is that creative people have the most adrenaline. Another largely unappreciated fact is that the brain utilizes more sugar than any other tissue in the body. And in this regard, the creative brain requires more sugar than a ‘normal’ brain. From a survival standpoint, the body always wants to insure that the brain has enough fuel to function.

Adrenaline is an extremely powerful hormone and creates many conditions that are felt to be incurable. Some of these include: alcoholism, drug addiction, rage issues, insomnia, depression and anxiety. Associated issues can be teeth grinding, weight gain, IBS, and fatigue.

There are many people in Hollywood and across the country dealing with this life-long problem, and are unaware that it can be solved in as little as 24 hours. Having a doctor write a prescription for drugs is not the answer. Often times people seek the assistance of detox centers, which is helpful, but these centers focus on getting someone off drugs and alcohol. The real problem is staying off of drugs and alcohol. In almost 100% of cases, people like Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, etc., have used and abused drugs and alcohol to relax and chill out from the craziness that excess adrenaline can bring to the table.

It is not difficult to gain control over this hormone, utilizing the right meal plan to lower adrenaline, along with progesterone cream in the right strength and correct timing. Incorporating this approach, the need for prescription drugs is nonexistent. It’s time for people to become more proactive about their health. There is help out there for individuals struggling with the negative effects of excess adrenaline, and this help is not going to be encouraged by drug companies. Gaining a broad understanding of why the body creates a greater amount of this hormone is important in finding a solution.

Excess adrenaline is most often caused from a lack of sugar in the brain. Knowing a few things and becoming educated on the anatomy can save money and time in trying to get this issue resolved. Learning how to control these hormones can be life altering. This problem has a fairly simple solution. All it takes is a little reading and advice from the right healthcare practitioner, and someone’s life can start to change in the blink of an eye.


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