How Stem Cells Can Help The Restoration Of Spinal Injuries

The body is made up of various types of cells, each have different tasks.
One of the unique cell types in the body are stem cells. Stem cells perform various functions in the body during early body development and growth. There are three main characteristics of stem cells that distinguish them from other body cells. One of these characteristics is the ability of the cell to self-regenerate to form different other body cells. It can simply be defined as an immature cell that has the capability of transforming to different specialized cells.

The stem cells can be used to treat various diseases and injuries. Spinal cord injuries affect various crucial body functions. The spinal cord is the main connection of the body with different nerve centers in the brain that regulate lower body and back function. Stem cell therapy is the term used to generalize the process of healing spinal cord injuries using stem cells.

Stem cells have the capability of performing various tasks in order to induce healing. The first one being that it can replace any of the damaged nerve cells and increase the growth of healthy cells in the body. After a spinal cord injury, usually abbreviated as SCI, some nerves cells tend to die. Due to the capability of the stem cells to regenerate to different cells, they will be able to develop new nerve cells in the damaged region. Apart from the nerves, the nerve sheath also gets damaged after injury. A nerve sheath acts as a nerve insulator. The stem cells will also be able to develop a new nerve sheath. This will in turn help with the growth of axons that may have been damaged due to the injury.

Protection of cells around the injured region is another reason why stem cells help in healing spinal cord injuries. After the injury, the cells around the affected area tend to be exposed to some free radical toxins that may damage the cells further. Stem cells have a capability of producing protective substances that can protect these cells from further damage. Inflammation of the damaged area tends to cause the spread of injury. The stem cells will be able to protect the area from further damage due to inflammation. These are just some of the simple reasons to why stem cells are highly advantageous when it comes to spinal cord injury healing.

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