Sandy, UT Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Specialist, and Safety Expert Join Forces to Keep Their Community Safer

July and August is the time of year when home break-ins and burglaries are at their peak across the United States. To help combat this problem, a real estate company, mortgage broker, and safety expert in Sandy, UT banded together to help make their community safer by creating and distributing a home safety and burglary prevention video training program for home owners.

The idea came about when Dave and Jodie Osofsky were talking with Brett Lechtenberg about the dramatic increase in home break-ins they had been reading about in the papers and hearing about on the news. 

Jodie, a local real estate expert with Jordan Real Estate; and Dave, a Vice President of Mortgage Lending with Guaranteed Rate; had hired Lechtenberg to teach a safety course for a large group of their fellow real estate professionals.  The news reports prompted the Osofskys to inquire if he had a similar type of program for homeowners on how to keep their homes safe from break-ins and burglaries.

What started off as a short workshop for local home owners became a comprehensive training program that could benefit the community, and the country, as a whole.  The three felt that producing a video training program would be a great way to give back to their community and help keep homes and people safe.

Thus, “Protecting Your Castle”, the anti-home break-in program, was born.

“Recently, we’ve heard several stories from people in our community who have either experienced a break in or know someone who have,” say the Osofskys.  “Brett is a recognized and trusted expert in this area and an incredible teacher, so we loved the idea of teaming up on this program and being able to provide this valuable information to our friends, family, and clients.”

The concept of “Protecting Your Castle” is to be a program that can be watched in under 90 minutes and begin to be implemented within 30 minutes after viewing was complete.   The ultimate goal is for a home owner to have the plan fully in place in less than 3 days.

The program includes powerful information, tools and techniques as:

1. What is a burglar compared to a robber and home invader, and what to know about each

2. The surprising most common entry point for a burglar

3. The #1 most powerful tip for dramatically reducing home break-ins

4. The top 5 items stolen in a home burglary

5. The rooms in a home most commonly targeted for a burglary

“I really enjoyed organizing and filming the program,” says Lechtenberg.  “It took longer than expected, but I think it will give people some great insight into the mind of a burglar and what they actually look for and do to prevent a home burglary. The program gives a vast array of incredibly simple and inexpensive things that home owners can do to keep their possessions and their family safer.”

The Osofskys and Lechtenberg have agreed to give away over 200 free copies of the program in the month of August.

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