Crowdfunding Campaign Builds Momentum for CydeKick — Bicycle Generator Charges Phone During Commute

Environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts can now rejoice as their favorite mode of transportation, the bicycle, now has a tech friendly accessories option with the launch of CydeKick, a self-powered, add-on bicycle generator that converts a cyclist’s motion into electrical energy for charging a mobile phone and powering bicycle headlights. The CydeKick project is currently raising funds to cover the tooling, manufacturing and related expenses through a crowdfunding campaign launched on KickStarter. A funding goal of at least $85,000 is targeted to be raised before Sat, Aug 29 2015.

The CydeKick Pro mobile charger has two components including an add-on self-powered friction-free generator which uses electromagnetic induction to create power. The generator is mounted on the back wheel hub of a bike. A USB adapter for charging devices such as smartphones, cameras, and GPS, also houses a high intensity LED headlight that can be mounted on the handlebar of a bicycle.

Nick Zamora, a cyclist and developer of CydeKick and co-owner of Spinetics explains, “The CydeKick Pro is a self-powered, add-on bicycle generator that converts a cyclist’s motion into electrical energy for charging your phone and powering your lights. No need to worry about your battery or bike lights dying while you’re riding. The CydeKick generates, stores, and delivers power to keep you safe and connected. Best of all it adds no mechanical friction meaning you won’t feel like you’re biking uphill.”

What started as Nick’s experiment, has now evolved into a product that benefits both bicycle commuters and the environment. The design, engineering, development of the prototype and testing has all been completed and done by Nick and his business partner Bethany. According to the team, great emphasis and focus has been placed on developing a bicycle mobile charger that is reliable, durable and provides a great performance.

Nick adds, “To improve power output, we’ve applied several techniques including the use of high-grade neodymium magnets, special arrangement of coils with respect to magnets, careful selection of magnetic & non-magnetic materials, a closed loop path for flux, and our new track-and-swivel mount for maximizing the proximity between stator and rotor.”

Each component of the device has been designed to be easy to install and only requires a few simple steps to be up and running, even for people who do not consider themselves to be tech savvy. Complete step by step installation instructions will be provided with each device. The device will be made weather resistant which will enable users to use the charger in any weather condition during cycling. According to the company, as a part of the final design, the entire CydeKick will be sealed or the internal electronics will be potted with conformal coating resin depending on where they are located. Spinetics will also release the CydeKick Mini that will feature an add-on, self-powered, bicycle generator system for lighting only and a high-intensity LED headlight.

The ongoing Kickstarter campaign has an $85,000 funding goal and has seen steady progress since launch. The project team is looking to reach cycling and technology enthusiasts looking for innovative and environmentally friendly devices. The funds raised through the current crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various aspects necessary for the completion of the product for customer use. A majority of the funding will be assigned toward the tooling of the device; manufacturing and labor costs are going to be the second largest expenditure according to the company’s expense projections and the rest will be spent on other fees, packaging and shipping costs.

A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to reward the generosity of those who support the idea and campaign. Rewards include specially designed and manufactured items which will be available according to the amount of money pledged. There are limited qualities of special rewards items. On the subject of risks and challenges, Nick and his team are ready to take on any challenges that might occur. He realizes that acquiring adequate funding is a challenge many crowdfunding campaigns, therefore a contingency plan has been prepared to carry the project forward. Another challenge is staying on schedule which the company hopes to address by developing strong relationships which enables them to work closely, and efficiently to ensure the supply chain flows smoothly.

The Cydkick has been reviewed and talked about by various technology blogs, gadget reviews and news platforms and shine a spotlight on the exciting capabilities of the device.

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Spinetics is a one-woman, one-man, Miami-based, grassroots tech startup. Our vision is to help facilitate a cultural shift toward a healthier, more progressive, and more environmentally-aware society by developing products that make cycling a more convenient option for commuting and leisure. An expat raised abroad in Liberia, Mali, Honduras, and Egypt, Nick Zamora is the proud son of a USAID Foreign Service Officer and father to a beautiful little girl. He graduated from VCU (BSME), is a bike and engineering enthusiast, and resides in Miami,FL. His partner Bethany graduated from the University of Minnesota and is an adventure seeker, world traveler and leisure biker.

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