Teen Drinking: Kids in the House Talks Teenage Alcohol Use and What Role Parents Have as Influencers

SANTA MONICA, CA – August, 6, 2015 – Teen alcohol consumption has not necessarily gone up in recent years, but this generation of teenagers is working hard to find new ways to consume alcohol that could be more dangerous than ever. Also, underage drinking continues to be illegal and substance abuse is extremely dangerous.

With these new trends blossoming, it is more important than ever that parents help their teens understand why this risky behavior is not worth whatever the perceived benefit.

Unhealthy consuming patterns such as “teen binge drinking,” or more simply over consuming, are extremely dangerous for teenagers and can lead to teen alcoholism. They adopt this behavior when they intake alcohol because it is a means of escape from whatever responsibilities they have or are afraid to get as they transition into adulthood.

While many parents’ initial reactions might be surprised or hurt when they first find their teen drinking, experts suggest that they maintain a calm approach when disciplining their children.

In addition, it is important for parents to make sure their children understand the consequences of underage drinking and teen smoking from at-home disciplining to legal action.

Teens drink for a number of reasons: to be cool, peer pressure, escape, etc. Because each one has a unique reason for consuming alcohol, it becomes crucial for parents to make an effort to relate to their children. By better understanding from where the deviant behavior comes, parents will be able to aide their children in more effective ways.

If a parent feels like his or her child has a serious issue that is out of control, a professional may need to get involved. Parents should not be afraid to get help if they feel like their teen’s behavior is inconsistent or combative.


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