Helen Thomas Appears on Chicago’s “Remarkable Radio” Show To Discuss Touchjet and Technology in Education

CEO and Educational Entrepreneur Helen Thomas has a vision of bringing mobile computing to bigger touchscreens and sharing information in a collaborative environment and has stopped by “Remarkable Radio” to discuss how technology helps children learn.

The CEO of Touchjet, Helen Thomas, was recently recognized as a Remarkable Expert by popular Chicago radio show “Remarkable Radio,” which places a spotlight on noteworthy experts, people, places and things from around the globe as well as locally. Thomas appeared on the show to talk about Touchjet and ways that people can use technology to bridge social gaps rather than create larger ones. The show aired on Saturday evening, July 25, on AM560 The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in Chicago, also home of “The Sean Hannity Show” and the “Dave Ramsey Show.”

Founding president of the BlueFocus Communication Group of America, SVP of Worldwide Sales of Livescribe and GM of Leapfrog Asia, Helen Thomas added a new corporate title to her resume recently when she became the CEO of Touchjet, an amazing technology company that created patented touch technology to bring collaboration to any environment. Touchjet is a product that she hopes will inspire new approaches to classroom learning and also create a new way of doing business or having fun with friends.

“I’m so excited to get this opportunity to talk about our products, especially in a format like ‘Remarkable Radio’,” Thomas says. “The Midwest is a huge market for this type of product, and Chicago is the touchstone.”

Helen Thomas has used a very consumer-based focus when providing corporate leadership, and her appointment as chief executive officer and board member of Touchjet represents a shift from design to engagement on the part of developers Tom Jiang Li, and Zhen Liu. The two men had already created a unique and innovative solution to what they felt was a very serious problem facing modern culture: technology’s deleterious effect on social interaction. While the technology explosion has simplified lives and brought positive business changes, it also has had an effect on how people work and interact. The focus on smaller and smaller screens, like tablets and phones, has created a strange form of social hermeticism. Instead of pushing for smaller products, their idea was to “get big,” and they needed Thomas to help make that happen.

A graduate of the U.C. Berkeley Haas Business School, Thomas is a believer in understanding the market and demand, and then tailoring innovation to meet it. She immediately brought in consumer engagement companies like Instant.ly to determine what potential customers perceived as problems and what would solve them; then she worked to meet those needs. Through the research, she found that moms are concerned with losing their children to screens and that there needs to be a technology solution that takes away the isolating nature of small touchscreens. The Touchjet Pond™ and Touchjet WAVE™ are solutions that she believes will improve how classrooms learn and also augment and refine social skills that have gone to the wayside.

Touchjet developed and patented the world’s first touchscreen smart projector that turns any flat surface into an 80” touchscreen Android tablet. It will launch its next crowdfunding campaign for Touchjet WAVE, which turns a flatscreen TV or monitor into a touchscreen Android computer, in August. 

Classrooms can collaborate on projects and tasks using Touchjet as part of a shared experience. This same technology can also be used for business meetings or even for streaming a movie or playing Minecraft by merely projecting the display onto a wall or outdoor screen. Educational publishers such as Learning Bird and software developers such as Mightymeeting are already collaborating with Touchjet to bring their content and applications into the education markets.

Thomas was happy to share how Touchjet’s technology can be used in a positive away across a plethora of platforms.

“I no longer have to lug around a heavy PowerPoint projector and huge portable screen and all the corresponding cables. I’ve replaced them with an incredibly lightweight projector that displays images with nearly the same quality, and I can ‘show it off’ by using the stylus if I want.” – Jeff Young, Medical Fitness Coordinator

“I would say there are a multitude of features this projector has that most don’t! For one, the obvious use of the stylus and creative use from it. The other is really the Android platform, which allows you to download anything on the fly! Great product.” – Kevin Bruno, Architect

(Jason uses the whiteboard app to make the 3D modeling process more interactive by mapping out his printing ideas). “Having this capability in a well-designed, compact all-in-one unit is unlike anything else.” – Jason Gullickson, Chief Engineer and CTO for Murfie, Inc.

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