New HERA GPS Phone Vastly Enhances Child Safety

Inventor Ricardo Marinho has developed a revolutionary new device that will greatly improve the safety of young children. Ricardo lost his young boy at a ski station in Chile, where the instructor just forgot him at the mountain, and it happened again in Wristler, BC in Canada with his daughter, three years late, they were 7, and if they were using some device like HERA the process to find the children would be much easier.

The new HERA phone serves as an electronic tracking and communication device which will allow parents to know exactly where their child is, hear what is happening in their immediate environment and communicate with the child. Inspired by his own concerns for his children Ricardo has designed the HERA phone to look like a watch but possess the GPS positioning and talk services of a phone. 

The HERA phone will allow the child to reach their parent with a simple push of one of four color-coded buttons. This highly secure and easy to use phone is rugged enough for all the activities of a young child including running, jumping and falling. Children as young as only one year old can utilize this phone to call a parent.  Parents can also call the child through the HERA phone or remotely listen in to what is happening around them.

While a prototype HERA device has already been designed and produced—for which Marinho is seeking an international patent—there is still considerable work before HERA can be mass produced.   The design team is investigating a number of new features which will enhance its functionality including:

• High quality speakers and microphones for greater sound fidelity
• LBS tracking for pinpoint accuracy
• iOS software
• Color schemes
• Android OS
• Watch removing alert
• Wireless charging

This exciting new product promises to be a must-have for any family with young children, but the production team is seeking funds from the public to help launch the project. By using the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, the HERA team hopes to raise almost $500,000 which will go towards engineering, software, beta testing, manufacturing and shipping.  With the assistance of financial supporters, HERA phones should be available to the public by December 2014.  To learn more about this innovative device or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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