P.E.T. CSI™ Offers Pet DNA Identification and Registration

07 AUGUST, 2015 – P.E.T. CSI™ and entrepreneur Cedric Moses are pleased to announce the Pet DNA Analysis System and app which helps pet owners, as well as city governments in aspects of pet control and management. Many municipal governments across the country are enacting laws to better enforce regulations against pet waste. They also enact pet registration and identification measures. The P.E.T. CSI™ system was recognized by several cities beginning in 2009 as the most innovative management tool with positive revenue potential. The United States apartment and homeowner associations approved use of the system in 2010 and began generating revenue along with creating “Responsible Pet Owners” which is what P.E.T. CSI™ core initiative and mission statement are all about.

The components of the P.E.T. CSI™ system include a way to identify and register pets using their DNA. With Moses’ system, no invasive microchipping is necessary. The law in the United States requires licensing of pets at present. The unique biotech device offered by Moses will be released in the app market soon. The app uses pet DNA ID as a means to identify the pet and its owners, a helpful benefit if the pet strays. The device allows for assistance with city pet registration, as well as breed and pedigree testing and so much more.

Registering the pet is not an option in many cities, it is the law. Unlike microchipping, the DNA ID is non-invasive, so offer it as an option verses making it mandatory to use microchips. All the work is done in one of the most prestigious certified an accredited veterinarian laboratory in the US, University of California in partnership with P.E.T CSI™. The app uses a QR Code to assist with lost and found tracking. It also stores vaccination and medical records for the pet, as well as providing storage retrieval and renewal of city registration.  Moses states his plan since launching his innovative idea is to partner with municipalities offering them a high-tech cutting edge tool to generate annual registration revenue, enforce code compliancy which will lead to improved environments and ensure the health and wellness of citizens and their pets.   

An additional benefit for city governments and property owners trying to manage the growing problem of pet excrement is that the actual owner of the pet can be identified and held responsible. Improving conditions of public walkways and parks benefits everyone. The Pet DNA applications ensures that pets and their owners are known and prosecuted if appropriate.

For more information about P.E.T. CSI™ and the new mobile app upcoming launch, check out the contact their media relations department.

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