Socalsellings announces the release of its all purpose storage container for customers to keep their small items in an organized manner: The YOURganizer

Besides being a convenient and efficient method of storing small items, the YOURganizer is an adjustable portable plastic storage container, which can be customized for individual needs, and is available now with two latch color options.

The YOURganizer storage boxes have undergone an innovative, exciting and absolutely practical and efficient revamping, and become accessible to and coveted by all age groups. Socalsellings’ latest product, the YOURganizer is no ordinary clear plastic storage organizer container. It is a gold mine for all those who would enjoy keeping the smaller of their possessions in a neat, organized and appearance-friendly manner.

With adjustable storage compartments ranging between three and twenty nine in number, the YOURganizer cases are truly unique and extremely useful as they can be customized to suit everyone’s individual needs, mainly because of their adjustability and ability to cater to different requirements.

Made of clear BPA free plastic and coming with an in-built handle, the product is light and easily portable making it doubly useful to store any small objects, whether it is for a client’s sewing kit requirements, or for storing smaller fishing equipment. Additionally, the pink latched case has a removable label. The storage capacity of the YOURganizer is enough to hold over four thousand five hundred Loom Bands!

Available now with an exciting option of two colors of latches, pink and green, the YOURganizer is a safe and practical purchase, because it is also water and rust resistant, as well as spill-proof. Users also have the option of stacking their belongings in the box, making for increased storage space and extreme organization to avoid confusion. Moreover, the YOURganizer boxes are produced here in the USA, which guarantees quality and trust by itself, promoted further by the lifetime money-back guarantee.

Says Ali, a user of the YOURganizer: “Great box for all your little trinkets! We love this box, very sturdy, my son throws it around the house, and the latches are secure. We use it for small toys but this is perfect for loom supplies, fishing gear, nuts and bolts, sewing supplies etc. Lots of options because you can customize the sections.”

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