Ultimate Driver Clothing Company Plans Nationwide Tour to Raise Charity Funds

Olivier Pairon is one of Europe’s most recognized icons in the fields of automobiles and clothing. He built his company Ultimate Driver Corporation on his passions for incredible driving machines and premier clothing. As his company has flourished, Olivier has included another passion of his, helping the youngest members of society. In addition to founding a leading childhood foundation, ACARDEMY, he is planning an Ultimate U.S. tour of all 48 contiguous U.S. states to publicize his company’s continuing support for children’s causes.

As a leading auto enthusiast—especially for his signature Ford Mustang Shelby—Olivier has successfully bridged the fields of muscle cars and high performance clothing. Today, the clothes produced by Ultimate Driver Corporation immediately signify impeccable craftsmanship and a love for legendary automobiles. Ultimate Driver Corporation offers a wide variety of clothing lines including T-shirts, tanks, hoodies and baseball caps, all designed, manufactured and distributed in the United States. These clothes bear images of the Ford Mustang, the U.S. publicity tour locales, and U.S. flag themed decals, and are manufactured using premium materials like cotton, polyester or bamboo.

This November, Olivier Pairon will showcase his company’s products at the 2015 SEMA automotive specialty products show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following the show, Olivier and his team will take a cross country trip through all 48 continental states over the course of 30 days. During this 12,000 mile journey, Olivier will use his customized Mustang Shelby to help raise awareness for the newly launched Ultimate Driver clothing brands, as well as for the U.S. Childhood Foundation, which works tirelessly to help create a world where all children can grow free from abuse and exploitation, and his personally sponsored children’s foundation, ACADEMY, which strives to find cures for children with cancer.

In addition to publicizing the Ultimate U.S. tour through social media, Olivier and the Ultimate Driver team are inviting supporters to help make this project a success. Fans can be a part of this momentous project by making a financial pledge to the team’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Only 40 percent of the $400,000 project will come from crowdfunding, with the rest coming from sponsors and Ultimate Driver Corporation. In return for their generous support, backers can receive perks like DVD’s, autographed photos, T-shirts, caps, lifetime 20 percent discounts on Ultimate Driver products, promotional space on the Ultimate U.S. Tour mustang, or Ultimate Driver retailer privileges.

To learn more about Ultimate Driver Corporation or to make a financial pledge, please visit http://bit.ly/1IKK9MY

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Company Name: A new US clothing brand, Ultimate Driver
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