It’s Difficult for Airwheel Intelligent personal transporter electric scooters to Be “Sane”

What an enterprise wants the most? It’s benefit. Yet Airwheel has been the “insane” enterprise which always provides consumers with the best services and products with low and reasonable prices.

It’s rather difficult for Airwheel to be “sane” in developing and producing its electric self-balancing scooters because it seems that Airwheel always offers Airwheel fans the best products and services with low prices. But Airwheel is not “insane” because it believes that only mutual benefits are the most desirable situations for both enterprises and consumers. And with such a principle, Airwheel has become the market leader and presented Airwheel fans with many good products and services.

In early days when Airwheel first entered the intelligent scooter market, it brought the consumers with the affordable intelligent scooters which have the same performances as that of other more expensive scooter. Airwheel Q3 is an early model in Airwheel family. As the twin-wheeled intelligent scooters, Airwheel Q3 has the top-quality vehicle modules. For example, the Sony or Panasonic battery cores have large electricity capacity, and they can be recharged as much as 1800 times. The extreme long equipment life is the guarantee of the durability of the vehicles. Also the built-in operating system are intelligent and sophisticated. The operating system offers riders the user-friendly control styles and comprehensive protection functions. For example the speed limit protection, low battery protection and tilting protection. The high price-performance ratio makes Airwheel Q3 the favourable vehicles among riders, especially young riders.

Though the Airwheel Q3 has been a successful product, Airwheel never stopped its paces on improving Airwheel Q series twin-wheeled intelligent scooters. The upgraded mode Airwheel Q5 has many improvements in product details. The cushion pad on both sides of the vehicle are replaceable which satisfies rider’s needs for personalized styles. The refined charging system of Airwheel Q5 makes it possible to finish 80% charge within 80 minutes. The precious time is saved. The round pedals greatly reduce the danger of scrapes when riders step on the pedals. The new module of atmosphere LED lights on the vehicles highlights riders’ riding experience. 

The “insanity” for mutual benefits makes Airwheel the industry leader today. With such an “insanity”, Airwheel will continue to present riders with good products and services in the future.

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