Which One Is Better? Traditional Vehicles or Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooters?

The quick city expansion has been far beyond people’s imagination; and city transport today has become a problem annoying citizens. The emergence of Airwheel in the transport industry has offered modern citizens a new choice for city transport—Airwheel intelligent scooters. But how could the Airwheel scooters be the better choices compared with the traditional vehicles?

Everyday, citizens can’t escape from B.M.W—bikes, motorcars, metro and walk. But the expanding cities have made traditional transport means less convenient than before. Fortunately Airwheel entered the vehicle market and brought people with the intelligent self-balancing scooters, and also brought people the all brand new way of transport. But how could the Airwheel scooters be the better choices compared with the traditional vehicles?


In traffic peak time. 

When the office is far away from people’s home, people have to go to office or back home by cars or public transport in the morning or afternoon. The desperate car lines and the huge crowd in the metro would be the nightmare for most people. Or people can also choose Airwheel X3 electric unicycles which are extremely portable yet powerful to be rode on any roads in the city, like sidewalks, underground passages and overline bridges. The battery cores and powerful motor make it possible for Airwheel X3 to travel for 23 km at a speed of 18 km/h. Riders with Airwheel X3 will keep the troubles away in transport. So, which one of the above transport means is the better choice? 

In fun time on the roads or squares.


Here B.M.W won’t offer people any fun with their friends in the city streets. But Airwheel Q3 twin-wheeled intelligent scooters can be the toys for extreme sport players. Airwheel Q3 are more stable compared with unicycles because of its twin wheels. Thus extreme players can play some amazing movements with them like jumps, crouch riding, single leg riding. Also players can cooperate with each other to create some creative movements. So for fun time which one is the better choice? 

Airwheel intelligent scooters are the new and better vehicles for people’s city transport and daily city life. Choosing Airwheel intelligent scooters–smart choices, smart travel!

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