Wherever People Want to Go, Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooters Are Always Ready to Serve

Human beings always desire for visiting any place they want. So the transport vehicles like cars, metro and bikes were invented. For making people’s life better, Airwheel developed Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters which led the public to the era of intelligent scooters. Now wherever people want to go, Airwheel intelligent scooters are always ready to serve.


On the way to the office, Airwheel X3 electric unicycles are the best choices. What is most important for office workers in workdays? It’s the less time wasted on the road and more time at home and in the office. But buses, metro or cars will save no time for office workers. And the huge crowd in the metro and buses is definitely not the pleasant experience. The Airwheel X3 is the most portable vehicle in Airwheel family and has a small size which enable itself to be rode anywhere cars are not able to run, like sidewalks and underground passage. The large battery cores and powerful and efficient motor make Airwheel X3 the fast and long-range vehicles. Workday mornings are more relaxed with Airwheel X3.


On the way to the field outings, Airwheel S3 twin-wheeled intelligent scooters are the vehicles which make the outdoor activities more enjoyable. Just forget the parking places or walking through the huge gyms or stadiums. Airwheel S3 will carry people all the way to the place they plan to go. The Airwheel S3 is the first model in the high-end product series of Airwheel family. And it has the most powerful motor and larger battery capacity. Also Airwheel S3 two-wheeled scooters are able to carry loads as heavy as 120 kg, which means that Airwheel S3 can take whatever people need for their outdoor time all the way to the destinations. 

Wherever people want to go, Airwheel intelligent scooters are always ready to serve.

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