The Comparisons Between the Two Airwheel S5 Self-balancing SUV Scooters

Airwheel rolled out a new intelligent self-balancing scooter — S5 on its 2015 New Product Release Conference in Jun, 2015. X8 was the only Airwheel SUV scooter before S5. Many users wonder what the similarities and differences the two Airwheel SUV scooters have. This article aims to make comparisons between the two SUV products in detail.

As the hi-tech products launched by Airwheel, X8 and S5 of course have some similarities. To ensure the quality of Airwheel models, they all use the original Sony/Panasonic lithium batteries and synthetic resin shells which made of advanced nano materials. As Airwheel SUV electric scooters, X8 and S5 both use the 16-inch Cheng Shine Tyres. The bigger wheels help the two SUV scooters have good performances of wear resistance, heat dissipation and strong grip. In addition, there are smart chips in both X8 and S5. The inside intelligent chips have aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to keep self-balancing.

As the different series of Airwheel, X8 and S5 also have a lot of differences. At first, they look completely different from each other. X8 belongs to Airwheel X-series single-wheeled scooters. S5 is the newest model of Airwheel two-wheeled S-series scooters. Airwheel industrial designers add more elements to S5 than X8. S5 has an operating lever, an original 4-inch LED digital screen and two rear brake lights. Secondly, battery capacity of S5 is much larger than that of X8. S5’s battery capacity is 680wh, while X5’s is only 170wh. So S5 has longer range. Thirdly, since the target customers of S5 are urban elites, it is more expensive than X8. X8 has better cost-effective properties. 

X8 and S5 both are Airwheel electric SUV scooters. However, owing to different positions, they have differences in appearance, range and price. For users, they are both good quality intelligent products. They can choose the one what they like.

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