Electric scooter manufacturer Airwheel: Both Economic Development and Environmental Protection Are Indispensable

The development of economy, which takes advantage of our environment, has brought all the people a great many environmental problems, such as water pollution and smog. It is necessary and absolutely possible that economic development and environmental protection co-exist, in the sense that both of them are indispensable factors for the prosperity of society.


Economic development is seemingly more important, due to the fact that it creates enormous job opportunities, improves living conditions and increases government revenues. Yet, the above goals can only really be reached on condition that the environment is well protected. And, interestingly, it is the economic development that provides the money and personnel resources required for the protection of the environment. A well-preserved environment is the groundwork for the economy and in a way promotes economic growth. A fast-developing and well-functioning economy calls for a good environment, which offers essential resources, e.g. wood, coal, water, etc. for production. Once the environment deteriorates, the production process is likely to be disturbed or even halted. What is worse, natural disasters that come with the worsening environmental conditions might even paralyses the whole economy mid pose a severe threat to human life, The pursuit of short-term economic profit is the destruction of our home and that of our posterity.


The economical prosperity promotes the improvement of science and technology. Nowadays, Airwheel, as an eco-friendly brand, has taken a leading role in the environmental protection in the electric scooter industry. Power by electricity, Airwheel intelligent scooter does not exhaust any fuel and make any emission, which perfectly satisfy the customers need of environmental protection. After riding it for one hundred mile, Airwheel intelligent scooter only consumes one to two degree of electricity. Therefore, Airwheel, as a brand new way of locomotion, is accepted and loved by a great number of people. 

Economic development and environmental protection are equally important. Given the status quod, it is possible to realize the co-existence of the two as long as we are conscious and determined enough. In this sense, Airwheel is working on providing an eco-friendly product. Airwheel’s future is promising.

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