Woman Turns To Masses For Support To Treat Her Cancer Suffering Son

Cancer is a deadly disease which not only consumes the person suffering from it but also the loved ones surrounding them. Claudia Shaffner is one such woman who has to go through the pain of watching her son suffer from this toxic disease which has turned her world upside down in past few years.

Being a single mother, she had to bear all the responsibility of her son and she did as much as she could to keep the treatment of her son going well. His son, Alex has also been through a lot in the past few years while suffering from cancer which affected him physically as well as emotionally.

Seeing their only son suffer like that every moment of the day for so long is not an easy task to do for anyone but Claudia has kept her heart strong and in fact sold everything she had to make him be able to live.

She’s left with no money right now and with time passing Alex’s health is continuously deteriorating and expenses are increasing more and more. He’s been suffering from cancer from past 3 years and with his condition worsening more now he needs to be immediately transferred to Switzerland for a surgery.

Claudia will not be able to fight this battle alone anymore as she is financially drained at this time. With two major surgeries and ongoing sessions of chemotherapy needed for his treatment she has finally turned to the masses for support and started a fund raiser on Gofundme to help her son keep alive.

She has spent at least $150k in past few years to go to America, Asia to visit different Doctors, spending on various treatment sessions, medicines and affording Alex’s stay in hospitals, she is left with no option but hope from the public to help her out in this time of need.

All the money raised will be utilized by Claudia and her son to afford the travel expenses for his next treatment and medicines etc. She also mentioned, “My son is a great person and I pray to god that he becomes well with your contribution. I am sure once he get back healthy again, he will thank you all.”

Before getting caught up into the claws of this deadly disease, Alex used to play water polo as well. He speaks six languages and wishes to finally become a programmer after all these years of fighting with the disease. Alex had testicular cancer, lymph node metastases, lung cancer and unfortunately now he is forced with throat cancer again too. Till now he was being treated in Western General Hospital, Royal Infirmary, UCLA Medical Center. For those who can’t contribute, can simply share the project on social media and spread the word.

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