The Various Regulations Pertaining To Firearms That May Go Unnoticed

Different firearm related laws have come into existence.
We are certainly aware of what firearms are. Technically speaking, a firearm is a weapon which is capable of firing a shot or projectile, lethal in nature. Guns, pistols, missiles, launchers etc., come under the purview of the term “firearm”.

While it has proved to be boon for law enforcement agencies, military, police and other security agencies in their fight against crime, certain anti-social elements have compelled the government and other authorities to bring certain measures to regulate the movement of firearms. Thus, different firearm related laws have come into existence. Let us have a brief look into them.

General Licensing Laws: Not going into the exact technicalities, these laws were crafted with a view to provide a valid license to users of firearms only after a thorough background check. In addition to this, it also helps the police and security agencies of the nations to maintain a comprehensive database about the type, model, number and other details of the firearms along with the details of the owner of that particular weapon.

National Firearm Act: This law was enacted in 1934 to levy taxes from the manufacturers of firearms such as guns, rifles, heavy weapons, machine guns and a wide variety of other lethal weapons.

Concealed Firearm Related Laws: This law is intended to grant a permit to a person regarding the possession of a concealed firearm, usually a handgun in public. The law imposes certain restrictions and the permit is granted after due consideration and scrutiny.

Undetectable Firearms Act: This law is considered very important for ensuring safety at public places. Anyone responsible for the manufacture, sale, distribution, possession and delivery of firearms which have been made out of less than 3.7 oz. of metal is considered an offender under this law. This law was enacted to stop the circulation of firearms which are undetectable by metal detectors and other scanning devices.

Assault Weapons Related Laws: It came into existence when the federal lawmakers were concerned with the safety of the general public after several public shooting incidents were reported all over the country. This law is intended to ban the sale and distribution of large capacity firearms such as machine guns, automatic firearms and assault weapons.

Thus it is evident that firearm related laws have been enacted with a view to ensure the safety and security of the general public and it seems that these laws are certainly necessary.

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