War Veteran Joey Jones Shares His Inspiring War Story

Kids in the House recently sat down with retired Staff Sergeant Joey Jones to hear his inspiring war story and his advice for military families.

The interview room fell silent as Joey Jones recounted his life-changing injury, sustained in Afghanistan in 2010. When put in charge of finding roadside bombs, Jones was compromised by a bomb that detonated under his feet. He suffered an injury that left him with a severed arm and caused him to lose both of his legs.

“The first thing I thought about was my one year old son. I had a responsibility to get back to him,” says Jones, who now has two prosthetic legs.

Jones shares that fatherhood is something that caused him to fight through his injury, but it’s very difficult to stay connected in a current way during military deployment.

“It takes a special relationship to have a job that requires your full attention 24/7 and to care for a spouse and children that deserve the same. You have to work really hard at it,” says Jones of the unique challenges that military families face.

When asked how he personally faces that challenge, Jones says that it is important to find balance.

“Treat your children with respect along with authority,” says Jones, “With my son, early on I gave him respect when the opportunity arose, and he began to pick up on that respect and then he felt the responsibility to keep that respect.”

Jones says it’s also important to teach your child about the military so that he or she can understand why you are away for extended periods of time.

When it comes to his own son, Jones explains his service in this way: “It’s a privilege to be one of the few people that gets to stand up and defend against anyone when they try to harm this country and what we stand for.”

To see the full interview and hear more of Joey Jones’ advice for military families, click here.

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