“Virulite CS hand held 3 minute light treatment device for cold sores”
Virulite CS Cold Sore Device Become First FDA Cleared Device In History
For The Treatment Of Cold Sores!

The Virulite CS cold sore device is a revolutionary hand held light based treatment that helps to treat and prevent the spread of cold sores while relieving the painful burning sensation and itching.

Today Virulite LLC announces that the Virulite CS Cold Sore device will be available in the United States to consumers. Those who suffer from cold sores have long sought a treatment that actually works and is quick and effective. Virulite CS is just that. Available for years in Europe the Virulite CS device is available over the counter and via prescription. “Consumers in the United States will now have access to the most cutting edge technology for the treatment of cold sores,” says Steve Mencanin Virulite LLC’s Managing Partner.

In almost all cases, simply applying Virulite when you feel the tingle sensation will prevent the breakout altogether! Our advice to avoid a breakout is to always have your Virulite device with you and to make it even easier Virulite LLC will be releasing a disposable device summer of 2016.

“Up and above being the best treatment for cold sores available, the product will prevent scaring of the lip line and can even reverse existing scaring from cold sores. Our testimonials include people who have suffered years of treating recurring cold sores. They say the product had truly unique attributes in immediate and sustained pain relief and tremendous reduction in breakout duration,” says Mencanin.

Virulite LLC is in the process of selecting retailers and distribution partners for the device and expects to begin shipping the product in October of 2014. Virulite will be available to American consumers through these selected retailers in August.

For more information please visit or call 1-202-350-1943


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