New crowdfunding company combines joint venture marketing with traditional methods

CrowdMoxie offers Evergreen Crowdfunding with marketing and crowd-building assistance for its clients.

Crowdfunding has become the rage for start-ups, struggling artists, humanitarians and all kinds of entrepreneurial projects. And it works… but only sometimes.

According to Robert Strohmeyer of, “Only 44 percent of Kickstarter projects meet their funding goal. Of roughly 60,000 unsuccessful projects, nearly 40,000 failed to reach even 20 percent of their goal.”

Strohmeyer estimates the Indiegogo success rate to be about 34 percent.

Debe Fennell, Director of newly created CrowdMoxie (, has a better solution. She calls it Evergreen CrowdFunding, a process in which the company takes an active role in the success of crowdfunding projects.

“The reasons that traditional crowdfunding fails are simple,” says Fennell. “There is too much of a heavy reliance on social media and most campaigns run for just a limited time, usually only 60 days. Plus the crowdfunding company offers little or no support. It just provides a web page.”

In addition, some crowdfunding platforms have an all-or-nothing policy. If you don’t reach your goal, all the money that has been raised must be returned. Evergreen Crowdfunding addresses all of these issues and more by providing strategic, technical and marketing support to help create successful campaigns.

“Our crowdfunding experts work with you on your campaign strategy and page elements,” explains Fennell. “Then our copywriters and designers put the page together for your approval. Once approved, it goes live.

“Our clients use our unique Joint Venture CO-OP platform to drive traffic to their campaigns, where they build a mailing list of qualified leads. They leverage this list, plus their social media, radio, and SEO traffic into additional visitors through joint venturing with our specialized mailing lists. Our lists include conscious consumers who are interested in life enhancement, human potential, cooking & gardening, and several other markets.”

Not only that, but there are no time limits for campaigns and clients keep 100 percent of the crowdfunding contributions. They pay an up-front membership fee of $900-1,000 to cover setup and Joint Venture kick-off costs.

“Evergreen CrowdFunding is a new way of funding that combines co-operative joint venture marketing with traditional crowdfunding to provide far more successful outcomes,” says Fennell. “Evergreen CrowdFunding builds your mailing list while promoting your campaign. There’s no time limit so campaigns have more time to build momentum.” When your CrowdFunding is complete, you can continue to use the platform to build your mailing list.”

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CrowdMoxie Presents ‘Evergreen CrowdFunding’

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